Kao Pu

This Book of Guff was composed by Kao Pu one rainy lifetime when he had nothing better to do.

  1. Sir, I feel compelled to applaud your use of the word ‘guff’ in this instance.

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  2. I can’t top that reply but I have short anecdote that is on-topic.

    Whenever I create extra folders in Outlook at work I nearly always put the word ‘guff’ in the name. This leads to administrative nightmares as I try to remember whether something I received six months ago is in the ‘guff’, ‘extra guff’ or ‘some guff’ folder.

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  3. Very interesting blog…I’ll be back to explore a little more!

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  4. http://namasteconsultinginc.com/2012/03/10/sunshine-award-nominees/
    Hi Ben,
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I love all your blogs but this one always has pearls of wisdom for me and I am grateful for it!
    Peace, Jennifer

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  5. Congrats on being nominated for the Sunshine Award!! If you wish to accept, here are the instructions:
    Thanks for your awesome blog!!

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    • Sometimes it may take a while before we see what is staring us in the face. 🙂

      And besides, as Chuang Tzu says:

      “People mistakenly seek for the truth in books which necessarily only contain false ideas.”


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