The average person lives in a dream …

… Yours.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. This hits home in a very hard and direct manner. I can’t escape the feeling that “I am” is the YOU behind “Yours” and that everyone I imagine is a character in my reality. It’s a crazy thought I can’t escape. It parallels with the thought that no one exists apart from my imagination of the substantiality. That if I stopped believing in the reality outside my awareness, that it would disappear into nothingness, from whence it came. Crazy thinkings for crazier times.

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    • It doesn’t necessarily mean there is no one there though, does it? There can be people there; it’s just that we don’t see *them*, just our conception of who they are. “The average person” is an abstraction in our mind. So you needn’t be crazy after all. 🙂 We only become crazy when we start believe in our conceptions rather than true reality.

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      • I can see your point which means I think I see you. The crazy thing is that our reality tells us so much of what to see and yet leaves everything for us to define. Which begs the question, how much of reality is really seen versus a figment of our own creation by means of defining for ourselves what we choose to see?

        I hope that mess of words makes sense. Otherwise I may not be seen to clearly by you… 🙂

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      • “Which begs the question, how much of reality is really seen versus a figment of our own creation by means of defining for ourselves what we choose to see?”

        Exactly. That dilemma is what Tony Barr is constantly writing about. 🙂

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      • “When Zen teacher Issan Dorsey was asked to describe the essence of Zen art, he answered, “Nothing extra.” “Nothing extra” is also of course the essence of Zen living itself: perceiving life as it actually is, as opposed to perceiving it through a bunch of believed narrative.”

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      • I wonder how close to Zen living I am? I see the perspective of the world through a lens, but I wonder how much of that lens is because I “believe my narrative” that was created in my insanity? Perhaps the narrative that came to me during my awakening is really the first chance I was given at perceiving life as it truly is.

        And in that perception life is so much grander than we give it credit for. I am positively riding on waves of euphoria and bliss that highlight and shed light on how wonderful life can be with the right mindset. Ups and down become nothing but a wonderfully straight progression of goodness as you see how things happen and why it is easy to feel good in the moment you find yourself in.

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      • Each person’s life is like a mandala –
        a vast, limitless circle.
        We stand in the center of our own circle,
        and everything we see, hear and think
        forms the mandala of our life …
        everything that shows up in your mandala
        is a vehicle for your awakening.

        ~ Pema Chödrön

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