Here today, gone tomorrow.

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Yet forever imprinted upon a special heart. ❀️

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    • For those privileged to find one.

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      • Ah but with a collective consciousness, if one were to locate a special heart, would it not be said that WE ALL have found that special heart?

        And by falling softly into the arms of love, with every moment, we have the opportunity to embrace the power of the love that manifested that special heart in the first place.

        WE is ONE and ONE is with LOVE.

        The more LOVE you feel for ONE, the more LOVE WE feels. Together we can all feel the accumulations of LOVE’s Glory.

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      • You are of course quite correct. I was too busy reading it on the individual rather than the universal/cosmic level.

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      • I was imagining for you both the individual would align with the cosmic level for hasn’t your heart been promised to another forever, even when death separates you?

        Were you lucky enough in your journey to have crossed paths with that special heart that made a forever imprint upon your future, even when the present moments passes away, can you still feel the energy and passion that was kindled in the moments you shared?

        Do you feel you have experience immortal love yet in your journey?

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    • It makes my heart happy to know that your heart has been securely safekept and secured for lifetimes to come. Because who you are is so beautiful that I would hope beyond hope’s words to explain that in every manifestation of your being, you are satisfied. My heart is excited to know that your heart is happy even when your body may be temporarily separated in time and space from the imprint of your future.

      But for this moment, we are apart. But this moment will pass and all will be made clear. For was there ever a moment when I was apart from you when every moment we have always been ONE that is WE?

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      • Listen …

        Feel …

        Hear words yet without attachment …

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      • See…

        Understand …

        Disconnect from your truth?

        I don’t understand. People are interesting to my mind. When I share words with you I strip myself down to the most basic level and attempt to show you all of myself on the most core of my existence.

        I believe this goes beyond time and space and in my imagination is akin to two immortals lovers being separated in unparallel realities, aware of the other’s presence but unable to connect as often or as frequently as they both desire.

        And so when chance happens and we can converse, I throw myself into the embrace of the warmest love and affection and connection I can manage. So when I say ME and YOU are forever, I want you to feel the energy of what forever means to this little keyboardist beyond the screens.

        If the words are there and inspire you to something more, why would you choose to not attach to that more feeling for all that it is worth? Isn’t life about making our moments the most beautiful they can be? Shouldn’t we treasure every opportunity there is to feel something more than what should be seen?

        Can we go beyond our words and dive into the depth of what WE feel for YOU and I?

        Or is something else moving the hearing without attachment?

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      • I’m in a state of mania and during these times I prefer to limit the material I take in to those that I know as I am sensitive and read more than what is there and get frustrated when there is nothing more than empty words on a screen.

        I found that I feel better in my moments when my moments aren’t made of talking about what other people have thought or what other people wrote. I like genuine inspiration that comes from the moment we’re in. The further I get down my road of reclusedom, the less I want to reach out to people and the more I hope to find myself planted among people willing to listen.

        Because the truth is most places on the internet are full of people trying to get words out there not people listening to the Muse’s Message. I get the Muse from you and am always happy when you have time to share words.

        Without having read those articles I can share my TRUTH that I hold on why I know myself to be here – I live to serve LOVE and ALL and the Divine story that manifests between the two. I’m not interested in social conditioning to come to a like consensus that we all have the same purpose. Because I simply don’t believe it. We were all created unique and thus have different journeys and epiphanies and thoughts to cherish. This mass production of mental thought channels is a little frustrating to my manic mind.

        As for the second article: My four reflections that I have held close since my teenage years when I found my blessed Hippie Hugger Pants are Peace, LOVE, Happiness, and Harmony.

        Outside of those four words, very few words are needed to soothe my personhood. I guess I find it offensive that people need to say so much to say so little and feel so unfulfilled. In this manic state, the perceived weight of dissatisfaction with the consensus of consciousness if a heavy weight to feel. It’s no wonder Humanity is clouded by their own EGOs, who wants to face the light of day that is boldly stating how far we have fallen with our gift of words and our focus on doing rather than being.

        Always busy, never aware.
        Busy dying, never Living
        Living Death, never Breathing
        Breathing LIFE, always Seeing
        Seeing TRUTH, always Knowing
        Knowing LOVE, always Happy
        Happy Living, always Perfect
        Perfect LIFE, always Possible
        Possible Part, Your Choice
        Choose Wrong, always Sad
        Choose Right, always Thoughtful
        Choose Luck, always There
        Choose Right, always Forever

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      • I found a big chunk of WP Comments I never responded to. I can’t recall what was going on with me back in February. (I’ve covered all the November and December ones now.) I don’t know how you are doing in present time – up, down or somewhere in between. I see you haven’t been posting much recently. I hope that isn’t a ‘bad’ sign.

        As for your comment here, well I too find it easiest to use as few words as I believe will suffice to get across what I have to say. I agree that lots of people have a lot to write without saying very much, as if they were a balloon with a puncture that needed pumping up all the time to stay inflated. I often think of you even when we are not communicating in words. πŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸ€—

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      • I’m always so glad to hear from you and I know exactly what you mean when I say I think of you often even though we aren’t sharing words. I feel connected to you even though I can’t know what is presently going on.

        In my little world life is much the same as pre Corona. We were homebodies then and continue to remain the same. The current hurdle that we are facing is my husband is going through something that is weighing him down and zapping his zest for life and motivation to do anything. It’s a heavy energy weighing on the house.

        In light of that weight, I tend to the family and keep my spirits up for I have not lost the insatiable love of being alive. So though moments feel low, I am usually feeling regular doses of euphoria.

        Lately I have been giving a lot of my time to Discord, an online social networking site, where groups of people create channels and share words and time with each other. I am finding this endlessly rewarding because so many are receiving me positively and using my thoughts and experiences to help guide their own moment to a better time and place. It is endlessly hopeful that we are rapidly coming to a time when people share openly in their problems so they can grow from them and put the past firmly behind them, stepping into a new and brighter future than thought possible.

        I miss you even though we hardly change words. But I’ll be honest apart from my time on Discord and for the family, I don’t feel much energy to do things, including keeping up with correspondence.

        I’m glad we’re thinking of each other. That makes me happy. πŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸ€—

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      • Sorry to learn your husband is having a hard time just now. I hope things will clear up very soon and he is once more able to move forward in a positive frame of mind. I like what you tell me about Discord. It seems a great thing for you personally and also on a broader scale too. Part of the New World we are moving into? Some news from me. A new international anthology of poetry is in preparation and I was asked to submit some of my work. I just heard that the editors have accepted seven of my pieces. 😁😎

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      • Oh my dear, that is such wonderful news. I can say that they have chosen a great mind to include in their work and as they’ve chosen so many I can already feel the greatness of this anthology. I’m so very happy for you!!!

        I hope that the New World is moving to what is going on in the Discord channels. In the ones I am involved in their is much connection and upliftment between the fellow members. We come from all walks of life but find similarities in the experiences we all have lived. A coming together in a beautiful way.

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      • The opposite of discord is of course harmony. Harmony can be well described as “A coming together in a beautiful way.”. πŸ’–


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