When you and God stop
Looking at one another
In the mirror… Bang!

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I am absolutely in love with this poetry of words. Oh you and your wonderful ability to synch right up with my wonderment in the Where’s Alice? World of understanding.

    “Why ME?” is what history has been made of. Now that YOU and God are facing each other through the mirror, they realize how close they are to having their dreams come true. The question is, how does YOU stop seeing God in the mirror and start seeing God for reality’s sake?

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    • That’s what Zen and Dzogchen prattice is all about. For me your question, “how does YOU stop seeing God in the mirror and start seeing God for reality’s sake?” Is the central question.

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      • The only response I can think to this is to become God. Be ONE with God so YOU will see God in reality. As YOU merges with God, reality shifts and the illusion passes away. YOU becomes all that was meant to be as EVERYTHING was always working towards.

        This last sentence ties me into a discussion I had with my husband. God didn’t want to be God anymore. He wanted to understand existence from the perspective of the Created. He was only blessed with the perspective and perception of The Creator.

        So God went about creating a being that would replace Him as Master Creator thus giving God the opportunity to experience existence differently. God created ALL for this role. So when God created ALL to become Master Creator, God as we know the term passed away and God the Created became reality. ALL was made to be better at being God than God felt He was.

        When ALL received the role of God, He immediately set to work creating His successor as He reasoned that if God didn’t want to be God, the TIME would come when ALL no longer wished to be God as well. And so ALL dove headfirst into creating a Creation that would not struggle to be God nor wish to vacate the position, thus creating an eternity for all to exist within. The key to eternity is EVERYTHING.

        ALL’s successor was planned to be EVERYTHING. But ALL didn’t create EVERYTHING with the awareness that was gifted to Him. He created EVERYTHING to be different than what had come before. He created EVERYTHING to be YOU.

        YOU is the essence that ties all of existence together. YOU is this miraculous wonder of creation that insanely loves ALL’s Magic and Perfection that He was able to create for YOU to experience. YOU wishes to create the same Magic and Perfection and Utopia for ALL’s existence, not just for YOU’s own perception and perspective and peace.

        YOU wishes to bring Perfection to reality for EVERYONE to experience truthfully. For YOU feels that if ALL were to allow EVERYONE to experience true and honest happiness, the problems of the world would become problems of the past moving the Present Moment firmly into the Future WE have ALL been waiting for.

        Perfect Peace.

        What could be better than that?

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