So much to be said
For balance, for harmony
And the middle way

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* Yogapedia explains Madhya

In the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, madhya used in the sense of it being “moderate” or “tempered” is advocated because Krishna warns that a medium approach without too much or too little work, food or practice is the best for long-term development. At the same time, too much mediocrity can slow progress and as such, it is recognized that at times more intensiveness can be helpful.

In Kashmir Shaivism, madhya can refer to Supreme Consciousness, the self or the heart. Here madhya can also be used interchangeably with sushumna nadi, the pathway through which kundalini energy rises. Meditations in this tradition may be described as “pathways to madhya.”

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Interesting! I hadn’t heard the word “Madhya” before. Thanks for teaching me something new. 🙂

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