Guilt is a powerful thing.
Forgiveness more powerful yet.


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  1. Forgiveness may decrease the guilt.

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  2. Who feels the guilt and why?
    Must Forgiveness pass the strength
    and level of the action
    How does one draw such power
    to succeed at such a deed?
    Must the soul touch an angel’s wing
    to gather what one needs
    For the power to succeed?

    jk 2015

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      A dual process
      Forgiving the transgressor
      Forgiving oneself

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        Shame felt saying no
        No sound heard abused instead
        Blame one’s self absurd

        Forgiveness beyond
        Punish self – abuser free
        Didn’t stop his harm

        Who forgives silence
        If others have been broken
        The destroyer’s free

        Innocence stolen
        Some actions unforgiven
        The soul is blameless

        Most is forgiven
        Certain behavior is not
        Conscience has been cleansed

        jk 2015

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        Forgiving oneself
        Is unnecessary here
        Letting go is hard

        Who was it fashioned the hook
        That tethers the free spirit?


        With love.

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