My apologies …
You became perfect
After all
Just as soon as I looked at you properly

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I love this one πŸ™‚


  2. So glad you liked it. Also that you found it. I am sometimes a little sad that there are so many great thoughts in The Book Of Guff (I’ve been collecting them for years) and I see no one getting them. 😦 I know one person who read the whole book and told me so too, and that was a good feeling.

    I wrote “Perfect” for my wife in 2008. I had had to move away to a new job, and we couldn’t sell the old house yet. It’s such a profound and important truth that so many people just don’t realise, and no one ever tells you. But one day, it dawns and knocks you over. That’s what loving someone is for.

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    • I can appreciate the sentiment of what a good feeling it is when someone takes a look at something we have written. Recently you have been spending time with the voluminous words I have been sharing. And only today (showing how lost in my story I have become) it dawned on me that in all my travels through the wonders of words, I haven’t been taking myself back to the wealth of wonder available in your archives.

      Literally, I regularly refresh my WordPress Reader in the hopes that something new, something inspirational will come along.

      Then the light bulb clicked – You aren’t taking advantage of the past writings of those you love to indulge in. Dig into their mind and get a view at the words that shaped the words you love to read today.

      And so here I am, moving through your words and finding myself positively stimulated. It is such a good feeling to have someone you feel connected to that stimulates your mind so favorably.

      Thanks for taking the time to piece together your words and for being willing to share them so freely even when it seems that no one is reading them. I’m glad I found my way into your little part of our World.


  3. The only thing that is not Perfect is how we choose to view things as less than Perfect. When we but open our eyes to the reality that everything has always been perfect, then we see clearly all that was meant to be seen.

    Love is the biggest defining factor of being able to see things in a Perfect Light. For Love is that which opens our Heart to the Magic and Joy behind Existence. When the Heart brings together Magic and Joy in happy harmony, then Perfection is possible.

    When Perfect is Possible, all you can see is the Reality that Perfection has always been. You were just busy looking in a different direction, completely missing that which was always there to see.


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