Summon up a memory or image of something that makes you feel happy and secure. Focus on it until you can get yourself to smile – or even better – laugh. Keep a firm hold on this feeling for a minute or two and settle into it until you are calm and centred. Work with this exercise consciously and deliberately on several occasions, until it develops into a familiar “Home” place which you can call up to retreat to whenever you wish or need to renew your spirit.


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Pilgrim on the lam. Please feel free to explore the links to learn more. I trust you will find some things there will have been worth the effort. See you there.

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  1. To be unhappy is nothing, when you can “summon up a memory or image of something that makes you feel happy and secure” in less than 2 minutes. Or when you just can. My labyrinth is a little more complicated than this, it seems.


    • You don’t need to ransack the entire labyrinth. 🙂 There must be surely at least one contented moment among your memories. Spending more time dwelling with that memory now will strengthen and reinforce it and allow you to build a reliable retreat, a safe “home” where you can heal and gather your strength.

      Often we complicate things in our attempts to manage things, when simplifying them if a much more useful approach.


      • I feel that being stubborn in my perseverance to not agree with what you say, might make me look uh, as pathetic as I am, but not more pathetic than I would like to be known here.

        (I’m so direct and open…)

        The good memories were eventually nullified by the bad ones. Look, for example: I had a great time with G., last month. 2 days. The good memories I had with him were nullified, don’t mean anything now, just because later he lied, he didn’t talk with me and so on.

        Maybe I’m just in a bad mood now. 🙂


      • “Maybe I’m just in a bad mood now.”

        And that too will pass of course.:) Best to wait for the right time for these things. I spent some years learning how to work with my moods, and even now I get it wrong at times. On the other hand I realise what’s going on much more quickly now, so my mistakes are smaller, thank God. 🙂


  2. 😀 I do not worry, tomorrow I’ll be my usual self again . Is it my age, or …just me?


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